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The idea

The idea was born over a beer, more precisely, at a completely overcrowded hotel bar at an event in Berlin. The starting point was the discussion around the immense possibilities of modern in-memory databases to provide new insights at the push of a button and to help users to play through different variants quickly and flexibly.

"One would simply have to pack the database in a suitcase to expand an analysis software and then move it from place to place and present it wherever reliable data is required for important decisions", said Jan Strackbein, CEO of areto consulting in Cologne, as he set the general direction. "And then we send the consultants on a journey with their suitcases, just like Felix the Rabbit, who travels the world with his suitcase and tells exciting stories from everywhere," added Christian Langmayr, Head of Community at EXASOL, as he the story. The idea was born and from this idea, step by step, our BI in a Box solution is developed as is now available as a "DataBaseCase solution".

BI in a Box

BI in a Box is areto's new all-in-one solution for the total management, storage, visualization and analysis of data. BI in a Box is an appliance that uses the areto Data Chef to automatically load files and data from SQL databases and other sources into an in-memory database, structures this information in a data vault structure and makes it available for further analysis - all in a synchronised system with very low implementation efforts, high performance and intuitive operation.

BI in a Box is available in several variants and expansion stages, so that the architecture can be easily adapted to new requirements and needs.

Whitepaper BI in a Box (PDF)

Bi in a Box Germany

Solution: Areto BI in a Box

CPUs for best performance

GB RAM for quick analysis


Performance for our customers

areto consulting GmbH

With more than 80 consultants, IT experts and data scientists, areto has been working since 2007 with international corporations, large and medium-sized companies and public authorities throughout the German-speaking region in the area of Business Intelligence (BI). areto is based in Cologne and have offices in Hamburg, Nuremberg Dresden and Berlin. areto advises independently of, but is a long-standing partner of the leading manufacturers in the BI sector. areto offers comprehensive services for the entire life cycle of BI applications - from the selection of suitable systems to operation and maintenance tasks after implementation up to training. Furthermore, areto develops its own solutions to increase the productivity and added value of BI in a company.

EXASOL AG is a leading manufacturer of analytical database systems. EXASOL's core product is a database based on in-memory technology for professional, parallel and fast data analysis. EXASOL offers comprehensive solution scenarios for business intelligence, customer insight, data warehousing and complex predictive analytics in real time, regardless of the industry.

EXASOL AG was founded in Nuremberg in 2000 and has branches in England, France and the USA. Aaron Auld (CEO), Mathias Golombek (CTO), and Michael Konrad (COO/ CFO) and their team stand for quality, passion and customer relations based on partnership. Start-ups, medium-sized companies and established global companies already rely on "Made in Germany" technology, including King, XING and Zalando.

Exasol AG
Snowflake Computing Inc.

The mission of our partner Snowflake Computing Inc., founded in 2012, is to enable every company to act data-drivenly across multiple clouds with elasticity and flexibility, secure data exchange and user-friendly pricing. Snowflake combines the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of large data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Snowflake offers a data warehouse solution developed for the cloud, which is required for the requirements of modern and complex data analysis.

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